Pains Portal is committed to providing readers with accurate, updated knowledge regarding health issues that are rarely discussed or explored. The team at Pains Portal comprises doctors, health practitioners, physicians, surgeons, editors, and quality analysts who work together to empower the reader with a complete understanding of the problem they have been facing. Our team of editors and reviewers are experts who are bent on updating the content with the ever-evolving health industry and providing you with information that is important for you to make confident health choices for yourself and your family.

Leadership team



Dr. Hamza Waheed laid the foundation of the Pains Portal back in 2020 to provide reliable and accurate healthcare information. He is passionate about raising awareness among the masses to assist in the early diagnosis process. He is a registered medical practitioner who completed his MBBS from Islamabad Medical and Dental College. Dr. Hamza is keen on ensuring the accessibility of resources and knowledge hence avoiding misinformation regarding health and wellness.

dr. ramisha

Vice president/ Editor in chief

Dr. Ramisha Farooq holds the position of vice president at Pains Portal along with that leads the content writing and editing domain since the day it came into being. Her main focus is on the production of accurate, evidence-based content in a bid to raise health awareness around the globe. Dr. Ramisha leads a team of top-notch writers and editors ensuring the full spectrum of medicine is covered. She is a registered medical practitioner who completed her MBBS from Islamabad Medical and Dental College.

Medical team

Our highly competent medical team consists of medical practitioners, researchers, doctors, and reviewers who ensure that the information at Pains Portal is authentic, evidence-based, trialed, and tested various times to make sure that every article we publish is trustworthy enough. The authors and reviewers work together to create final content that is credible, accurate, and relevant. A team of researchers is responsible for cross-checking, reviewing, and studying the content and providing information that is in accordance with recent health standards.

Operational team

The operational team at Pains Portal comprises of selected people from different domains who are best at their jobs to ensure smooth running of the platform

umar waheed

Umar Waheed

Manager operations

amna mnuir

Amna Munir

Content quality analyst

umer farooq

Umer Farooq

Chief finance officer

zainab shaiq

Zainab shafiq