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The articles are written and reviewed by a team of doctors, practitioners, editors, and researchers who consult several studies, books, and journals to come up with error-free, authentic and unbiased information. Our source of information consists of medical books, journals, research essays, studies, and statistics which are put through trial-and-error and hold authentic information. Each article is peer-reviewed by medical practitioners, doctors, researchers, and editors for unbiased and reliable data.

The data we share is a collection of symptoms from different individuals from different racial, and regional backgrounds thus a variation in symptoms and how they may affect your condition. We don’t filter any information that is either applicable or not on certain health conditions. This allows our readers to refine and filter information that may or may not apply to their health condition.

However, for your better knowledge, the editorial process begins with the selection of an Important health issue that is researched and studied by the medical team as per their knowledge of the issue, and an article is written. The article is further reviewed after considering the updated statistics and studies and a draft is made. The draft is forwarded to a medical editor who further reviewed the article to make it error-free. The final changes are made by the content editor who polishes the text for better composition, readability, and accuracy of the text. The final article is then published. We review and update our articles continually to ensure that our content is up-to-date, current, accurate, and person-centric.

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